Terms and Conditions Return Policy 1. You understand and agree this is a consultation/coaching package with services to be provided on a best effort basis by CRLL Corporation DBA with no guarantee of any particular outcome. 2. You agree that there is a no return / no refund policy on coaching packages. However, if you have not consumed any services, you may apply the fees towards other services offered by CRLL Corporation. 3. You agree that PersonalBrandStamp™ is a proprietary technology and you will not disclose the procedures that result in your stamp to any third parties. You further agree that you must supply a professional quality photograph of yourself to use for this purpose and if an acceptable stamp design cannot be produced after three attempts, PersonalBrandHelp reserves the right to cancel the bonus offer and at its sole discretion offer a refund of up to 25% of the total purcase price of the package. You agree that in the event of the cancellation of the PersonalBrandStamp™ you hold PersonalBrandHelp harmless from any claims for the remaining coaching fees which are non-refundable. 4. You agree and understand that the coaching services are abstract and conceptual in nature, and may incidentally include help with languaging, but absolutely does not include any graphic design services or web design services. 5. You understand and agree that by placing an order on this system, you are bound by the above terms and conditions.